Today’s Full Moon in Scorpio


Posted by Tricia | Posted in Full Moon | Posted on 28-04-2010

Full Moons illuminate what lies in the subconscious -motivations, desires, and aspirations. If they’ve been ignored or denied, these primal energies come out with a burst of emotional energy, and can be disturbing. When you attune yourself to the energies of a Full Moon, you allow the bright light to shine into the darkest corners of your mind and illuminate what needs to be seen. This Full Moon is in Scorpio (and if you are lucky enough) you will feel it’s ability to draw out your negative flaws into the light for us to see them. You may not feel so lucky when this happens but trust me it is essential for spiritual growth. The key to working with planetary energies is to understand the connectivity between everything on this planet.

A full moon in Scorpio represents secrets, willfulness, passion, boldness, and intense energy. It is important to remember your balance. It is a time for mental housekeeping and for starting that project you have not had the courage to begin. This is not a time for superficiality, it is a time to penetrate deep down in the subconscious to release raw emotions that we are unaware of but have the strength to block us from our true intentions.

By setting your intentions with the Full Moon, you work with the moon energies to draw down power to ignite your desires. A ritual for working with this moon includes writing a list of 10 intentions (or prayers) that you would like to see to manifest before the next new moon. Begin by bathing in lavender oil and lighting a white candle. Go over your intentions every day until the New Moon while repeating the chant Om Namaya, a mantra for releasing blocks and for helping to maintain focus.  Remember that with the chanting of your mantras achieving the desired result is dependent upon the quality of intention, and it is of the highest importance to begin with a clear understanding of what your goal should be.

~In light & love~

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